Local Relations

Can we make change through local design?

What if designers started viewing their works as catalysts of change?

In my work I try to be a catalyst promoting local production as a way of making a change. In the essay “What design can do”, Sigríđur Sigurjónsdóttir, professor in product design at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, discusses the current situation in Iceland in relation to its design scene. She writes that “design could and should play an important role in making change” and from this I draw my inspiration.

What happens if we start designing things that could only be locally produced? Would we then design the change of our own society at the same time?

In my project I have worked with locally produced textiles from Ödeshög by Östergötlands ullspinneri, a company that spins its own thread as well as creates knitted and woven products out of it.

My work is an outfit which form was inspired by traditionally knitted sweaters found around northern Europe, all with a decorated yoke, e.g  the lopapeysa from Iceland, the lusekofta from Norway or the sweaters of Bohuslän in Sweden. All locally produced.

Local production can be a more environmental-friendly alternative and an economic force as its increases production and creates new jobs locally.


Östergötlands ullspineri logotyp.

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Material & Technique

The 100 % wool textiles were kindly provided by Östergötlands Ullspinneri. They were transformed by draping, constructing, sewing and felting. The core of the outfit is made from birch wood.


  • local production as a catalyst for change