Nature in Man

Spirituality and inclusion 

The outfit ‘Nature in man’ is about creating a new atmosphere for future generations in order to understand the value of nature and the environment. Can clothes contribute to a society which is socially including?

I want to open doors for a new type of design that includes everyone instead of excluding someone. My main goal is to enhance the spiritual values of our society. Nature has a strong value in this outfit.

I often create collections that are being questioned since they are provocative and mix different cultures and backgrounds.

White fabric symbolises purity and innocence. Exclusive velvet, delicate lace and ribbons were selected to give the surface the right texture. Nature is known for using human imagination to lift her work of creation to even higher levels in its innovative techniques. People are proud and can choose to support beautiful parts of nature – hence ‘Nature in man’. Here we have a part of nature as a green turban with roses on the head like a majestic crown.   

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Material & Technique

Velvet dress in organic cotton with lace fabrics. Velvet turban with artificial roses. Hand accessories of delicate lace.


  • Caring for man and nature for the coming generations
  • Social and spiritual inclusion