Nesting Bag

No where to hide
Where nothing could be hidden as everything is revealed. A transparent luxury handbag where every stitch had to be right as everything is exposed. Allowing every stage to take its time to evolve. Boldly fusing a delicate Hardanger embroidery, a tread counting technique often found on Norwegian folk costumes, together with High-tech knitted steel and leather using traditional saddlery technique. Bringing everything together with colours. The transparency is revealing the embroidered pocket. It enables the viewer to see the work of quality as well as the carriers possession.

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Material & Technique

Shell: Transparent knitted stainless steel on circular knitting machine, made in the knitting laboratory at The Swedish School of Textiles in Boras, Sweden.

Pocket: Hardanger embroidery a tread count needlework technique using silk thread on cotton canvas.

Leather details: Vegetable-tanned leather straps.

Handle: Traditional Saddlery technique using double needles and bee waxed linen tread


  • Slow fashion
  • High quality
  • Technique