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Signatur: NOL

With a background in computer science (bachelor’s level), I have extensive experiences of work with Library Management Systems (LMS) in different capacities. I have held positions such as: systems librarian; systems manager; product support and information analyst for a leading LMS provider; and educator in the topic. I have also had my own firm helping libraries with LMS related technical issues. Furthermore my PhD research was a substantial study of the process of decision making in relation to LMS selections.

A main area of interest in my thesis work related to the relationship between Macro-Social structures and Micro-Social processes. By adopting a critical “from the outside” stance, I was able to question many "taken for granted" issues and argued that the main goal and outcome of a decision making process does not necessarily need to be a choice; a seemingly rational decision making process does not necessarily lead to an optimal selection; and indeed in complex situations there may not exist an optimal choice. In the thesis, through four extensive case studies construction of social and conceptual orders were examined.

My interest in critical analysis of social phenomena continues and in my more recent research I pursue various applications of this in different contexts and practices.


My PhD thesis was chosen, by the editor(s) of Journal of Documentation, as a Highly Commended Award winner of the 2011 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards in the Information Science category.


>>Coordinator of the upcoming H2020 research and innovation project SUITCEYES

>> Co-leader of the Social Media Studies research programme

>> Leader of research project TACIT

>> Member of the research project PET

>> Samordnare för samverkan, innovation och nyttiggörande - A3 (Faculty's coordinator of third mission/collaboration, innovation and research utility)

>> Member of Innovationsrådet (University's Innovation Board)

 Earlier assignments:

*  Leader of WP7 (training) in the EU-funded four-year project of Pericles.

* Member of NYFORSK (a project working with Research Utility beyond scholarly publications)

* Co-leader of a Master Program in LIS

*  Member of the board of education (among others responsible for ensuring quality of  educational programmes)

*  Member of KGU – Quality Group for Thesis Examination

*  Member of PAG – Pedagogical Task Group

*  Student representative in Research Education Board (FUN)

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Taken for Granted - The Construction of Order in the Process of Library Management System Decision Making

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