Med anledning av coronaviruset: Högskolan i Borås har förlängt gul nivå till och med 8 november. Gul nivå innebär att verksamheten fortgår men att fysisk kontakt ska minimeras så långt det är möjligt. Undervisningen sker på distans så långt det är möjligt. Håll dig uppdaterad.

Här hittar du information om den forskning som bedrivs av högskolans professorer, universitetslektorer, universitetsadjunkter och doktorander.

Daniel Yar Hamidi

Daniel Yar Hamidi


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Dr. Daniel Yar Hamidi is an assistant professor in Entrepreneurship and Business Design. He is currently the principal Investigator of project Governance of Small and Medium Enterprises (GoSMEs) at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. GoSMEs is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (MSCA) project funded by the EU Commission (Horizon 2020) focusing on governance of European SMEs in a service-dominant logic. He leads also a research project on Data Driven Innovation with focus on barriers for innovation and development of strategies to cope with these funded by the Knowledge Foundation of Sweden at the University of Borås.

His PhD dissertation discussed the role of chairperson leadership regarding the innovation capacity of SMEs. His current research activities are focused on innovation and renewal of firms through service innovations including data driven and digital innovative services.
Daniel has been engaged in training of board directors and chairpersons for more than fifteen years. He has served in different top tier positions in professional organisations and enterprises and has been involved in the practice of governance at different levels. These include positions such as chairperson, director, CEO, owner, independent evaluator, nomination committee, advisory boards etc. He is the former chair of StyrelseAkademien Sjuhärad (Swedish equivalent to IoD) in West Sweden.

Dr Yar Hamidi is extensively engaged in academic professional bodies and societies. He is currently, among others, the chair of programme of Corporate Governance Special Interest Group at European Academy of Management (EURAM). He serves as reviewer and editor for scholarly journals such as the International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics and Administrative Sciences. 


Dr. Yar Hamidi has received a best paper award from the European Academy of Management. His research has been published among best papers at Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses Conference, RENT.


Governance for Innovation – Board Leadership and Value Creation in Entrepreneurial Firms



Handleder doktorander

  • Ahmed Dhaifallah Alasmri @ University of Wolverhampton
  • Mohammed Ahmed Alshehri @ University of Wolverhampton


Marie Curie Principal Investigator, Governance of Small and Medium Enterprises @ University of Wolverhampton

Project Manager, Data Driven Innovation, Barriers and Strategies @ University of Borås