2009-03-18 15:20

Test av databasen Passport GMID

GMID, Global Market Information Database, innehåller stora mängder fakta och statistik om marknader över hela världen.

På Euromonitors webbsida står bl a: 

"Passport GMID is an award-winning online information system that supports teaching and research across a wide range of disciplines. It has become a must have resource for students and faculty at universities and business schools worldwide. Gain unlimited access to: 4 million internationally comparable statistics, 15,000 full market reports, comment on emerging industry, country and consumer trends, thousands of sources providing further research information, powerful data analysis functions allowing you to customise data for specific need."

Testet på Passport GMID pågår t.o.m siste september 2009.

Länk till Passport GMID

Text: Klaz Arvidson