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"A degree show in fashion design is often mistaken for a show of garments that are ready for sale in store, aimed at a certain market segment. However that is not the idea. The purpose of a degree work is instead to show new ideas and possibilities that may in turn be applied and adapted into commercialized ready-to-wear garments; hence the at times abstract and demonstrative character of the degree works. 

At the Swedish School of Textiles, fashion is understood in its broadest sense, making room for a vast number of perspectives. And so it must be, because the challenge young designers of today face is an industry that has fashion-related products. Therefore, I put the hope in this year's degree students, to continue challenging an industry the same way that they have challenged, and thereby developed, their own education".

Clemens Thornquist
Professor in Fashion Design
The Swedish School of Textiles 

Date and time: August 27, 10:30 (show starts 11:00) 
Venue: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Pavilion, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm 

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