Bild på EXIT:s logotype

Shanghai Fashion Week, October 2013

Exit 13 – by the Swedish School of Textiles 

From the Shanghai Fashion Week catalogue:


This show is all about diversity, exploring the contrast between surface and depth. Fifteen fashion designers with fifteen visions are not easily generalized into one concept. Yet Exit 13 is a strong show, displaying garments inspired by architecture, playing with Swedish folklore or exploring what denim could be.

The design also reflects what the Swedish School of Textiles strives for, which is a unique combination of producing and enabling advanced technical know-how and individual expression. The result is creativity and a sense that nothing is impossible.

A degree show in fashion design is often mistaken for a show of garments and outfits that should be ready for sale in store and to a certain market segment. The purpose of a degree work is instead to present new ideas and possibilities that in turn may be applied and adopted into commercialized ready to wear garments.

At the Swedish School of Textiles fashion design is understood in its broadest sense, making room for a vast number of different perspectives. And so it must be, since the challenge for today’s graduating designers is an industry alongside others that has to change into a more sustainable system and where our relationship to clothing, accessories and other fashion-related products has to be challenged.


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