Med anledning av coronaviruset: Högskolan i Borås har förlängt gul nivå till och med 8 november. Gul nivå innebär att verksamheten fortgår men att fysisk kontakt ska minimeras så långt det är möjligt. Undervisningen sker på distans så långt det är möjligt. Håll dig uppdaterad.

Gustav Falgén

Gustav Falgén

The general motive of this work will be to try to develop an new way of using mathematics in a fashion design process. By using mathematics in order to make a way to calculate what will be a part of the collection and what it will look like. The background for this work is mathematics, deconstruction and the skinhead uniform consisting of a bomber jacket, shirt and denim jeans.

A mathematic formula which decides what garment, material and construction-method to use in an outfit. Using the formula to give me the parts/ingredients, a construction-method and fabric that I can use to make the outfit, after that I use my in- gredients/parts to create new shapes out of the parts given to me by the formula.
A strive for a more controlled and distanced relationship to your work is something that I tried to developed in my work by using a mathematical formula as a tool.
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Gustav Falgén