The correct answer is marked in bold.

1. What is the name of GIO:s newsletter?

1. Research News

X. Research and Innovation News

2. GIO:s newsletter

2. Where can I find current calls?

1. On our web and in the newsletter

X. Only in the newsletter

2. It is impossible 

3. What is PRISMA?

1. A transparent optical element that fracture soundwaves.

X. The common application- and case management of Forte, Formas och Vetenskapsrådet

2. A Finnish car brand

4. How many billion euros are available in the European union framework program for research and innovation, Horizon 2020?

1. 25

X. 150

2. 80

5. How many Horizon 2020 main Work Programmes 2016-2017 are published according to the R&I participant portal, excluding “Introduction”?

1. 18

X. 20

2. 22

6. When you write an application for KK-stiftelsen and/or H2020, when should you contact GIO?

1. After deadline

X. Just a few days prior to deadline

2. As soon as possible

7. Which are the four evaluation criteria of KK-stiftelsen?

1. Scientific quality, amount of researchers in team, collaboration with other universities and co-funding

X. Scientific quality, amount of nobel laureates in research team, collaboration with unions and long term survivability of project

2. Scientific quality, benefits to the business partner, expected results and effects and implementation

8. In the operational plan of the University of Borås for 2015-2017 two specific financiers are mentioned as having higher priority than others, which two are they?

1. ÅForsk & Energimyndigheten

X. Linnaeus-Palme & Sparbanksstiftelsen

2. KK & H2020

9. These symbols are added to a PP presentation. What does CC stand for?

1. Current Contents

X. Certified Copyright

2. Creative Commons

10. The term “forced” or “compulsory licensing” has sometimes been used in intellectual property rights cases. In what context?

1. In company mergers or take-overs

X. Giving third world countries access to cheaper drugs

2. Giving academic researchers access to vital data from the industry

11. What is the name of the preliminary contract which enable discussion for a future research at the University, without necessarily providing financial support?

1. Confidentiality Agreement

X. Consortium agreement

2. Grant Agreement

12. Who has the right to sign the contracts on behalf of the university when the University of Borås is coordinating a EU research project with a budget over 5MSEK?

1. Vice Chancellor

X. Dean of Faculty

2. The project co-ordinator