Linguistic exchanges in Swedish Academia

Time: 2018-01-22, 14:30 — 16:00
Location: D517
Event Type: Seminar

Guest seminar, Linus Salö, postdoctoral researcher at KTH

Linus Salö will present his doctoral thesis, Languages
and Linguistic Exchanges in Swedish Academia
, which deals with Swedish
academia and its dwellers, with an eye toward accounting for matters of
languages and linguistic exchanges. The perspectives and thinking-tools of
Pierre Bourdieu form the basis of the main leitmotif, albeit extended with
insights from linguistic anthropology and sociolinguistics. In summary, the
thesis argues that while English increasingly prevails in publishing, much
knowledge previously produced and reproduced on these matters within the field
of Language planning and policy has tended to overstate the dominance of
English, and with that, the sociolinguistic implications of the current state
of affairs. The thesis proposes that Bourdieus work offers some purchase in
attempts to engender in-depth knowledge on the position of English vis--vis
Swedish in the globalizing markets of Swedish academia, and that epistemic
reflexivity, in particular, is a pivotal driver in such an agenda.

Linus Salö is a sociolinguist and he is active in a number of fields. Research interests
include language, science and knowledge. Currently his employed as a postdoc at
KTH working within the project Making Universities Matter. His doctoral thesis was published in 2017 as a monograph by Palgrave Macmillan with the
title 'The Sociolinguistics of Academic Publishing. Language and the Practices of Homo Academicus'.

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