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Dissertation Sina Seipel

Time: 2020-04-07, 10:00 — 12:00
Location: Zoom and M404
Event Type: Dissertation

Welcome when Sina Seipels thesis for PhD in Textile Material Technology will be submitted for public defense entitled: Ink jetting of photochromic ink - Towards the design of a smart textile sensor.

Her research is about developing a smart textile, which senses UV radiation and is produced in a more sustainable way. Photochromic textiles change color and thus help the user to know when it is time to leave or protect themselves from the sun or other forms of UV light. In recent decades much research has been done on smart textiles, but relatively few products have reached the market. By using new production processes for printing and curing that require less water, chemicals and energy compared to conventional printing, dyeing and curing processes, the textile UV sensor will have better prerequisites to enter the market.

Opponent is Professor Karen de Clerk and the defens is in English.

Because of the infection prevention restrictions (Yellow level) at University of Borås, the defens will be conducted without an audience in the room. Audiences can take part in the defens digitally and free of charge via Zoom. Connect through the link below:


Meeting ID: 918-289-904