Doktors 2018

Friday 4 May, five new doctors will take part in the doctoral degree conferment ceremony. 

The University of Borås is entitled to award doctoral degrees within four areas. To participate in the 2018 ceremony the doctors must have received their doctoral degree during the period 1 March 2017–28 February 2018. The conferment ceremony is not a formal examination act, and it is optional to participate in this ceremony.


Gabriella Norberg BoysenGabriella Norberg Boysen

Doctor of Philosophy in Caring Sciences

Doctoral thesis: Patientens tillit till den prehospitala vårdkedjan - Ändamålsenlig vård för patienter med primärvårdsbehov



Marjan KooroshniaMarjan Kooroshnia

Doctor of Philosophy in Design – Specialisation Textile design

Doctoral thesis: On textile printing with thermochromic inks




Ramkumar NairRamkumar Nair

Doctor of Philosophy in Resource Recovery – Biotechnology

Doctoral thesis: Integration of first and second generation bioethanol processes using edible filamentous fungus, Neurospora intermedia



Regina Jihoho PatinvohRegina Jijoho Patinvoh

Doctor of Philosophy in Resource Recovery – Biotechnology

Doctoral thesis: Biological Pretreatment and Dry Digestion Processes for Biogas Production



Vijay KumarVijay Kumar

Doctor of Philosophy in Textile Management 

Doctoral thesis: Exploring fully integrated textile tags and information systems for implementing traceability in textile supply chains