Days of Knowledge

Days of Knowledge

The University of Borås, City of Borås, Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad and Sparbanken Sjuhärad stand for the event. The day is an offshoot from Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad's traditional gala in which they award prizes within sport, culture, and education in the region of Sjuhärad. During the evening, an event is arranged for specially-invited guests in which Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad will award contributions to research projects as well as the Social Media Prize.

11 December, is the date for this year's Days of Knowledge.This year's theme is digitisation.

Days of Knowledge is an annual celebration of education and research at the University of Borås. 

Logotyper för Borås Stad, Högskolan i Borås, Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad och Sparbanken Sjuhärad.