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Request for consent

We need your consent to process your personal data in the registration form. The information will be processed by those who are responsible for the event, in order to plan and administer the event, to communicate with you. The information will be stored within the EU/EEA, and erased after the event.

The University of Borås is the controller of the processing, and the legal basis for the processing is article 6.1 (a) GDPR (consent).

University of Borås would like to photograph and/or film you, and use this material in Education4Fashion-Tech project and the University’s marketing and information regarding the project.

The material may be published in project's and the University's website, Face­book, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. The material may reach a large audience, and the University is not able to control others use of the material.

The publishing of the material on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTubemeans that the material is transferred to companies based in the United States. These companies are members of the “Privacy Shield”-agreement, and are thus considered to ensure an adequate level of protection of your personal data.

The material will be published together with information about your name, educational program or job title/position.

 It is your decision whether or not we may photograph and/or film you. It is entirely voluntary to give your consent. If you give your consent, the consent may be withdrawn at any time whereby we till stop using the material. This does usually not affect material that have already been made public however.

It’s completely voluntary to consent. If you consent, you may withdraw the consent at any time.

Read more about how the University of Borås process your personal data and your rights.