The University of Borås at 40 years old

Throughout 2017, the University of Borås will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. It can make you smile to see black and white photos of teachers and students wearing bell-bottom trousers and the first gigantic computers that took up the whole room. But milestones do not consist only of happy headlines about high demand for the university’s educational programmes. Prominent elements can also be the sad need to discontinue fields of study or even employees holding demonstrations.

After the university's first 40 years, we can now look back and ascertain certain impactful elements in our history. Three clear paths can be seen: the tough struggle in the first few years; the turnaround with a rapid expansion of undergraduate education in the early 1990s; and finally the amazing development in research growth and university ambitions of the last few years.


A number of activities will be arranged during this, our anniversary year; most activities, however, will be held in Swedish. Here is some information about those activities that will be English-friendly. For all activities, please see the Swedish website.

22 February, Let's celebrate with cake!

To start off the celebrations, cake will be served to university employees and students. There will be cake available for 500 people. First come, first served.
Target group: Staff, students
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4 May, Lecture with honorary doctor Clare Johnston

Welcome to lecture with the university's first honorary doctor Clare Johnston.
Target group: Staff, students, public
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5 May, Inaugural lectures

Welcome to the inaugural lectures with the new professors at the university.
Target group: Staff, students, public
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5 May, Professorial inauguration and doctoral degree conferment ceremony

Target group: Staff, invited guests
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7 September, Jubilee day

A jubilee day filled with festivities – 7 September is both the university’s 40th anniversary and the textile educations’ 151st birthday! The programme offers remembrances, visionary conversations, exhibitions, workshops, cake, and guided tours. The day ends with an outdoor concert with Movits! at the Textile Fashion Center’s courtyard.
Target group: Staff, students, public
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13 December, Christmas fika

Take a break and come for a coffee or tea with your friends. As an end to the celebration of the university’s 40th anniversary, we are inviting all students to a fika. There will also be gingerbread cookies and marshmallow Santas.
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