Praxis Symposium III – Academic professional and student responsibility for a world worth living in

The focus of this year’s praxis symposium is academic professional and student responsibility in, for, and through higher education, and nurturing the capacity to fulfil these responsibilities through action. There are multiple and conflicting demands and values characterising higher education today that continue to make our endeavours evermore challenging and complex. In parallel with this, or perhaps because of it, our societies are changing at an incredibly fast rate, increasing both the scope and necessity, we might argue, for university communities to be both responsive and proactive in seeing that ongoing changes benefit, rather than negatively affect, the societies, professions, communities, and individuals that universities serve. Our current situation of profound environmental, social, political, economic, and health challenges, and the civic mission of universities, call for us to individually and collectively interrogate, understand, and address these challenges, to act on our understandings and insights, reorienting conditions that diminish people’s capacity for action. The ways in which academics and students have responded en masse to the altered societal arrangements during the current pandemic highlight that this is entirely possible.

We invite you to join us to critically and creatively discuss our responsibilities, spaces for action, and capacities to act in these uncertain and complex times. We hope to explore questions around, and share examples of, actions that can support and sustain us in our efforts as academics, as students, as leaders, as administrators/managers, as university stakeholders. We invite abstracts for paper presentations from a range of cultural, theoretical, methodological, and stakeholder perspectives.


Call for Abstracts

Find information about Call for Abstract here.

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline – Extended from May 24 to June 2, 2020
  • Notification regarding abstracts – June 10, 2020
  • Symposium – October 5-6, 2020


For inquiries, please contact Kathleen Mahon

The Organising Committee

Richard Baldwin, Marita Cronqvist, Lill Langelotz, Marcus Levinsson, Kathleen Mahon, Giulia Messina Dahlberg, Susanne Strömberg Jämsvi