2009-02-23 09:40

Pure Poetry amid the Books

A poetical happening in the heart of the University Library was a treat from the third year fashion designers from the Swedish School of Textiles on the 19th of February. The ‘No Catwalk’ display stands in stark contrast to the rapid runway shows. Slowly, the models move forward and assume a pose, before moving on. “Doing something as unusual as this is exciting, as is getting to wear your own outfit,” says student Anna Lindström.

In total silence the models pose amongst the bookshelves. The library’s visitors look up from their books or computer screens. Many of them smile and enthusiastically whisper “look at that?”

- We enjoy the fact that they are using our facilities in an alternative way, says librarian Svante Kristensson.

The display is part of an artistic development work of 15 ECTS for the senior students of fashion design. The project has given them time for analysis and reflection on their upcoming thesis work. The creations on display are an assortment of the upcoming ideas that the students will be working on. Several of the fashion students chose to model their own creations, in addition to bringing in three students from the School of Arts in Gothenburg.

catwalk- You’re about to be an active part of the display and the work of art. Pep talk from artist Anna Carlsson just before the start of the show. She has been brought in to give professional advice on the students’ performance and she appreciates the milieu in and around the library.

- Something happens in the room when art and architecture meet. The display is also great experience for the fashion design students. They get an idea of how to display their pieces.

AnnaKajsa Wahlstedt Russel organises the performance and is in charge of the artistic development work.

KarinInspired by folklore, by Karin Bäckström.


A tranquil outlook. The library’s architecture with lots of air and space is perfect for human works of art. Emma Joelsson bring together contrasts. The inspiration from airships is also noticeable.


Petra Bäckström is responsible for this creation. Silhouettes, shapes, light meets darkness in an air of dystopia.

By: Annie Andréasson
Pictures by: Henrik Bengtsson