2010-12-16 08:00

Opening hours during Christmas

Altered opening hours during Christmas and New Years.

The electronic library is open as usual. Go to LLR:s website and use information resources and databases from home if you like to do some research during the holidays.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Library - opening hours during Christmas and New years

Monday 20/12 08:00-18:00
Tuesday 21/12 08:00-18:00
Wednesday 22/12 08:00-18:00
Thursday 23/12 08:00-14:00
24/12 Christmas Eve Closed
25/12 Christmas Day Closed
26/12 Boxing Day Closed
27/12-30/12 10:00-16:00
31/12 (New Years Eve) Closed
1/1-2/1 Closed
3/1-5/1 10:00-16:00
Thursday 6/1 (Twelfth Day) Closed

Text: Klaz Arvidson