2010-02-11 15:00

The first Erasmus Mundus student has arrived

The first Erasmus Mundus Scholarship student has arrived to the University of Borås. Supansa Youngsukkasem from Asian institute of Technology, AiT, in Thailand will stay here for 20 months to carry through the applied part of her research about biogas production from waste and residual products.

Supansa Youngsukkasem.How does it feel now less than two weeks after arrival?

- It feels good, but very different. The weather, the way of living, new friends, everything is new.

How will you spend the 20 months here?

- I will do the applied part of my research on biogas from waste. I have seen the lab and it is really good. There is a lot of fine equipment and it is an environment that is well suited for research experiments on PhD-level. I will be able to bring a lot of knowledge and experience when I return to Thailand to lecture. We have a lot of raw material for biogas production and biogas and bioethanol is a hot topic in Thailand as well as in the rest of the world, but we need more knowledge to develop the production of biogas and bioethanol.

Why did you choose to do research in this field?

- I started with studies in food engineering and one part of it was fermentation processes. I wanted to specialize and it was a logical step to continue on the biogas track.

What do you think about the city of Borås?

- It is really OK. People are nice and friendly. It is comfortable. It is cold this time of the year but fine.

You arrived in the middle of the winter…

- It is the first time I see snow.  It is really beautiful, but you must spend most of the time indoor where it is warm and cosy.

Text and photo: Solveig Klug