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2010-04-30 09:30

Passing on the Gavel

Chairperson of the board at the University, Maria Leissner, passed on the gavel to Roland Andersson on the 22nd of April. She was visibly content with what has been achieved at the university during her three years chairing it. </br />“There are a lot of exciting things going on, and unfortunately I will not be able to follow them all through. One example is the realization of a professions seat of learning. That is far closer to reality today than when I assumed the post.”


“That is the essence of the concept of university, being an independent seat of learning doing research.”

She is also pleased about the Borås solution to a life without mandatory student union membership, where student’s interests are still safeguarded.

“Of course, I am also pleased with the fact that we have managed to physically merge the various sections of the university into one unit, when the Swedish School of Textiles was moved to Simonsland.”

She has thereby paved the way for her successor Roland Andersson. She herself will now dedicate all her time to her assignment as the country’s Ambassador for Democracy under the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Roland Andersson took over the post of chairman on the 1st of May.

“Maybe there will be a slight difference in the running of day-to-day business,” he smiles.

Among other things, he wants to look more closely at the operations at the university, and hopes to visit lectures and talk to the students.

Apart from Maria Leissner, Anne Falck also attended her last board meeting. She will now join the board at the University of Gothenburg. Teacher representatives Urban Kjulin and Elena Maceviciute will also be leaving, as will student representatives Sofie Larsson and Jonas Andersson.

Informative Board Meeting

On the agenda for the final board meeting were plenty of information issues.

“We have been notified of four propositions that will affect operations the university. One is the proposition about the new teacher training programme. The schedule is tight, but we count on being able to apply for the permits we need without problems,” says Maria Leissner. “We have also been conducting talks on how we handle entrepreneurship and innovation. The only deciding point at the meeting was about that. We assumed ownership directives for Högskolan i Borås Holding AB for the first time.”

The budget was also followed up on, showing better results than expected. Rector Lena Nordholm says that the board was informed about the ongoing work through an annual report for the University of Borås. “In the past, we have collected annual reports from the different sections at the University, but now we produce an annual report for the whole university from scratch.”

The new chairman of the board, Roland Andersson, also says that it seems as though the police training programme is in the process of being revived. “The Ministry for Justice has announced that an inquiry on the subject will be published on the 7th of June. The University of Borås had come far in proposing a police training programme, and we need to put that issue back on the table.”

By: Annie Andreasson och Johanna Adamsson
Pictures: Annie Andreasson