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2011-06-10 08:00

The School of Business and Informatics to change name

The School of Business and Informatics (IDA) is changing its name to the School of Business and IT (HIT). The decision was taken at last Thursday’s board meeting, and the 15th of August is the launching date for the new name. At the school, cake was in order for celebrations. “We’re very pleased about this, we’ve worked for it a long time and now we’re here,” says Rolf Appelqvist, head of what is still IDA.

The reason for the name change is that the present name sounds old-fashioned and irrelevant. It has not gained recognition outside the university either. As work on research rights for the field of business and IT services got under way, the discussion about a name change surfaced again. In May of 2010, the school submitted an application. 
“Business and IT are clearer terms that people can relate to. You understand what it’s about,” says Rolf Appelqvist.
What the student union at The School of Business and IT is renaming itself is so far unclear. At present, the union goes under the abbreviation SVIDA, but the corresponding name (SHIT) might not be as fortunate.

By (with pictures): Ida Borenstein