Regarding the novel coronavirus: Due to the government's recommendations, the University of Borås has moved over to online instruction. This is valid until the end of the term on 7 June. Stay updated.

2012-04-04 09:43

Need help searching for information?

Welcome to library work shop!

Right now the Library offers open work shops in information searching, starting Tuesday 10th of April. On Tuesdays at 15-16:30 and Thursdays 12:30 to 14:00 the computer room J418 on the 4th floor of the library is staffed by a librarian.

Welcome to search for information for assignments / essay with the opportunity to ask a librarian and get help when needed. The number of seats in the room is limited so first come first served.

Please write down the following times in your calendar. Hope to see you!

  • Tuesday 10/4 at. 15-16.30
  • Thursday 12/4 at. 12.30-14
  • Tuesday 17/4 at. 15-16.30
  • Thursday 19/4 at. 12.30-14
  • Tuesday 24/4 at. 15-16.30
  • Thursday 26/4 at. 12.30-14
  • Thursday 3/5 at. 12.30-14
  • Tuesday 8/5 at. 15-16.30
  • Thursday 10/5 at. 12.30-14
  • Tuesday 15/5 at. 15-16.30



Text: Christel Olsson