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2012-03-12 07:30

He gets award for development of textile based solar cells

Mr. Tariq Bashir, doctoral student at the School of Engineering has been awarded a scholarship of 20 000 SEK for development of textile based solar cell panels for sustainable energy production.

Mr. Tariq Bashir.The project focuses on development and manufacturing of fiber-shaped flexible solar cells which process can be used to develop weaved cell structures with larger area and maximum power conversion efficiency. The motivation to the award is that the goal of the project of finding suitable material to replace conventional, expensive silicon-based solar cells with cost efficient, fiber-based flexible organic solar cells is fully in line with the fund’s objective to support the development of sustainable energy systems.

The scholarship is awarded by the environment foundation of the Swedish electricity company “DinEl”. The aim of the foundation is to stimulate new thinking and sustainable development within the energy area with focus on electricity and share and market this knowledge. A total sum of 400.000 SEK will be awarded to ten candidates. 

The awards will be distributed on a ceremony at the conference “Energiutblick” on the Swedish conference & congress centre “Svenska mässan” in Gothenburg on March 14.


Text: Solveig Klug