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2012-10-10 07:00

3.2 Million SEK to Design Research

The Swedish Research Council has granted the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, 3.2 million SEK for a project about artistic research. The research project will be led by Clemens Thornquist, professor in fashion design.

Clemens Thornquist glädjs åt att kunna stärka den konstnärliga forskningen ytterligare. In arts and design, clothes are traditionally viewed as a cultural expression and as a tool for expression. Now, there will be a new approach to research on garments.

"We will explore fashion from an interactive architectural perspective in order to demonstrate clothes’ fundamental relationship between body and space", Clemens Thornquist says.

"In concrete terms, this means that we will perform experiments where we put real people in different situations, dressed up in different type of textiles and non-materials, to investigate the relationship between body and space".

In the Government’s Research and Innovation Bill, University of Borås was granted 1 million SEK for artistic research, and now the field is even further strengthened by the Swedish Research Council grant.

"It feels good to contribute to strengthening the artistic research at The Swedish School of Textiles", Clemens Thornquist says.

The research project will be conducted in cooperation with the Department of Architecture And Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. From The Swedish School of Textiles, Clemens Thornquist, professor Lars Hallnäs and several PhD students will participate in the project. Also, a post doc position will be advertised.

Written by: Therese Rosenblad
Photo: Ulf Nilsson, MIM Bild AB