2014-10-06 08:06

Current tests of journal publishers

We have ongoing tests of several journal publishers, so take the opportunity to test some new journals on topics such as IT, economics, engineering, medicine, science, chemistry, and more.

Inderscience Publishers 

An independent publishing house, in their own words, which publishes articles in science, engineering, finance, IT and more. A total of 385 journals. Offering authors open access publishing. 

The test will run until November 30 in 2014. 

IOS Press 

Journals in the STM field, began publishing magazines 1987, just over 100 century journals in computer science, mathematics, medicine and science. 

The test will run until November 30 in 2014. 

Royal Society of Chemistry 

120 journals in all areas of chemistry field. RSC is a 170 years old English learned societies with international collaborations. The library has some time acquired the entire publisher's e-book publishing.

The test will run until November 5, 2014 

Contact Martin Borg with any questions.