Monika Lazarová

2016-12-15 10:50

Monika revives her passion for textile

The freedom students get to express themselves and teachers´ encouragement to work on a project even if it may seem unachievable fills Monika Lazarová with joy. She has spent a semester at the Swedish School of Textiles on an Erasmus study exchange, not just to revive her motivation and passion for textiles, but also to be inspired by Scandinavian culture and surroundings.

“I came to the Swedish School of Textiles to enrich my skills and knowledge and to revive my motivation and passion for textiles. But it also includes travelling, socialising with people from different countries, and experiencing a completely new culture. I also study special education at my home university, and I was very interested in the educational system in Scandinavia. I came here to observe and get inspired for my Bachelor’s thesis, which is related to educating secondary school students in the textile industry.”

Monika Lazarová
From: Czech Republic
Studies: Textile Management. Currently doing my Master’s in textile engineering, whilst also studying for my second Bachelor’s in Special Education.
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Previously done: After graduating from high school as a tailor, I did my Bachelor’s in Textile Production.

What is the best about your studies?

“The subject I have most enjoyed so far is textile product development. Our task was to develop a sleeping bag product with our fellow classmates from various countries. I have truly learned a lot from them. Seeing them work and creating a safe environment where everybody could share and contribute equally was a huge pleasure. What I genuinely really like about the university is that the teachers give you freedom and courage to work on the project that could sound unrealistic but who knows, one day it might become reality.”

Do you have any favourite places at the university?

“There are many places that I like here at the university. The Textile Fashion Center, where the Swedish School of Textiles is located, is an amazing building itself. Rather than the casual appearance and atmosphere of a university that I am used to, it is more like a luxury business centre. I love to share pictures with students back home to encourage them to experience more and to take the first step forward in order to make their life more exciting.”

And in Borås?

“To be honest, school work and my thesis, keep me very busy, so I have not had time to discover the city to the fullest. So far, I have really liked spending time in the central city park, until the weather turned cold. But there is one place that I really like, and it is The Company, a restaurant right in the Textile Fashion Center.”

What do you think about student life?

“What I like a lot is the university spirit. On the very first day at the university, I was amazed by the busy student atmosphere. Back home, it is more about going to school, surviving boring lectures, and running back home as fast as you can.  I love to work in the university library; seeing other students work hard has such a huge impact on my productivity.”

Do you have any tips or recommendations for new students?

“Bring or buy a good umbrella or raincoat and warm clothes, I am not joking! If you have a passion for travelling and discovering new places, I would recommend for you to plan your trips in advance, because the weather gets cold quickly and school might get a bit intense. At the end of your stay, you might realise that you have not seen all the places you wanted to. Speaking for myself, the best decision I made was to drive in Sweden and have the chance to explore this huge country on our own together with a study friend. Having a car gave us so much freedom and we visited many places in Sweden and also neighbouring Norway. And the very last tip would be, if you are not used to drinking coffee, get ready for change!”

Text: Solveig Klug
Photo: Alaa Alshakkour