Vinnaren i Designers' Nest

2016-02-09 14:30

The Swedish School of Textiles is victorious for the third year

For the third year in a row, the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås has been awarded first place in the Designers' Nest Award that was judged at Copenhagen Fashion Week last Friday. Camilla Arnbert, a Master's student in fashion design, won with her graduation collection Surfaced Print, produced as part of her degree course in 2015.

"I am very happy. But above all, I was shocked. It actually took a little while to sink in", says Camilla Arnbert.

With her graduation collection, Surfaced Print, she wants to push the boundaries of how we normally deal with material used in printing technology.

"The idea came from the fact that I wanted to to find a new way of working with digital printing technology. I wanted all the elements to contribute to the final result. I therefore worked the material carefully and embroidered on top of it before it was printed", says Camilla Arnbert.

Dare to innovate                

A total of 27 design students from nine design colleges in the Nordic region showed off their graduate collections at the fashion design competition at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Students from the Swedish School of Textiles have come first in three of the four most recent competitions.

"I think this shows the quality being produced at the Swedish School of Textiles. I think our success is due to the fact that we try to be innovative, we research materials carefully and we have the opportunity to work in modern, advanced labs and workshops", says Camilla Arnbert.

Pia Mouwitz, Senior Lecturer in Fashion Design, agrees.

"Our students are good at finding new modes of expression. They are technically proficient and their ability means that they are able to work without limits. As educators, we want to bring about conditions that enable them to develop even further and we are always encouraging students to push back the boundaries of what is possible", says Pia Mouwitz.

What do the wins mean for the Swedish School of Textiles?

"We are of course delighted that we've managed to win several years in a row. It's very important for the Swedish School of Textiles, particularly because it helps us to become known internationally. The very fact of participating means that everyone working at the Swedish School of Textiles, both technicians and teachers, has a chance to see how our students' work stands in comparison with other successful design courses. We are naturally very proud and grateful for what our students have accomplished".

The first Designers' Nest Award was presented in 2005. The prize, which includes a sum of DKK 50,000, is awarded twice a year to reward and highlight particularly promising design students.