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2017-12-06 11:30

New test prepares future master’s students in textile engineering

Students applying for the master’s programme in textile engineering at the University of Borås can now take a digital test for an indication of how they stand in relation to the expected prior knowledge and skills.

The test has been developed for students who consider applying to the master’s programme in textile engineering at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås. Programme coordinator Anders Persson tells more:

Anders Persson“The purpose of the test is to give the prospective student the opportunity to make an assessment of their knowledge and skills in textile engineering. We have assumed the admission requirements for the master’s programme in textile engineering and added some important skills from the syllabus of our bachelor’s programme. In this way, we hope that the students admitted to the master’s programme become aware of what is expected of them.”

In the web-based test, when the applicants have signed up with their e-mail address, they get to take a stand on six statements about their skills and abilities in twelve different categories.

“The results are presented in the form of a radar chart and are compared to our estimation of what prospective master’s students need in their toolbox in order to succeed in the programme. In the radar chart the applicant can see any differences in expectations.”

Possible to train skills via self-training package

Applicants who have assessed their knowledge and skills lower than the university’s expectations receive a link for every lacking skill/ability. Each link leads to a self-training package aimed at improving the knowledge/skills in that particular category. The student can then re-take the test, but not until after 24 hours. Students who take the test are also offered to apply for membership in a closed Facebook group where they can interact with each other about the test and the self-study assignments.

“As the programme coordinator, I hope this test gives us better prepared students as well as an increased interest in the master’s programme”.

About the test and the project
The test module was developed by Anders Persson and Behnaz Baghaei, University of Borås, within in the collaboration project ‘Innovative, free, on and off line access modules to study master’s courses in Europe’ – AToM, within Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership.
The Project is carried out in collaboration between University of Borås (UB), Sweden, University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), Great Britain, University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH), Spain, and Digital Connextions Limited (DC). University of Borås is the main coordinator of the project.
Aim: Develop study modules to facilitate studies at master’s level 
Project duration time: 1 September, 2016--31 August, 2019

The self-study modules can also be used in the bachelor’s programme and for exchange students.

The test is anonymous, but in order to sign up you need to leave a valid e-mail address. You will not be requested to submit any other personal details in the test.

The test consists of 12 different categories of questions to consider: 

  1. Mathematics: Arithmetic, analysis, geometry, and linear algebra
  2. Mathematics: Mathematical statistics
  3. Organic chemistry
  4. Textile chemistry
  5. Material science: Fibre technology
  6. Material science: Polymer technology
  7. Textile production methods: Weaving
  8. Textile production methods: Knitting technology
  9. Clothing technology
  10. Textile value chains and sustainable development
  11. Engineering skills, product development, and problem shooting
  12. Scientific communication

The self assessment test is available on the webpage about the master's programme.

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Text: Solveig Klug
Portrait photo: Henrik Bengtsson