Chon Rungsaridworakarn

2018-07-09 08:30

Sustainability and new culture brought Chon to Borås

Chon Rungsaridworakarn completed the Master’s programme in Fashion marketing and Management at the University of Borås in June. What he appreciated most of the studies was the way of studies with group work, the sustainability approach, and the variety of subjects.

Why did you choose this Master’s programme?

– I had a bachelor in fashion design and I wanted to experience other aspects of knowledge within the fashion industry.

Why did you choose to study in Sweden?

– There are two main reasons. First, the tuition fee was not too expensive, compared to universities in Australia, USA or UK. Second, I found it is very interesting to go somewhere far, with a different culture and with different people from my country of origin, Thailand.

Chonlatorn (Chon) Rungsaridworakarn
Studies: Master's programme in Fashion Marketing and Management
Advise to future students: For fashion design students, prepare to read and write a lot!

What do you think about the master’s programme?

– The most interesting things about the program are the group projects, the sustainability approach, and the variety of subjects that cover most of the knowledge within the fashion industry linked to sustainability. I think it is very impressive, but somehow, in my opinion, it could be narrowed down a bit and be improved on some areas, such as the fashion branding and marketing. The course Value Chain Management is really effective, if you can keep up with everything within the timeline. It might be beneficial to have a little less information for students with a fashion design background to be able digest it.

What did you do on the programme?

– Basically the whole program is about transforming the fashion industry as a whole to become more sustainable. Every project we had and every subject we learned is linked to increasing awareness among all parties about sustainability. Whether it is on the consumer’s end or the company’s end, we all have responsibilities for our environment. I would say the environmental concern and integrating it, is what I feel really positive about.

Do you have any favourite subjects or courses?

– Yes, Fashion Communication, Brand Management, Entrepreneurship, and Consumer Behaviour.

What was your favourite location to study?

– My own apartment, I could not study at the library, there are too many beautiful faces that distracts me (ha, ha).

What is it like studying in Borås and in Sweden?

– You get to breathe fresh air every day.

What are your goals in the future?

– Working in an art/creative direction department.

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Text and photo: Solveig Klug