2018-05-07 14:41

Friday with an academic shine

4 May became a special day for all new professors and doctors at the University of Borås. About 160 people had gathered in Textile Fashion Center to attend the university's annual academic ceremony.

The professorial inauguration and the doctoral degree conferment ceremony were at the center of the hour-long ceremony that began with the academic procession entering the hall to violin music and waving flags.

"We want to recognize great achievements and successful academic work," said Vice-Chancellor Björn Brorström in his introductory statement. He also pointed out the academy's fundamental role and values at a time when "facts and knowledge are handled negligently in many parts of the world".

Ceremony 2018

Two new professors were inaugurated:

  • Daniel Ekwall, Professor of Textile Management
  • Nawar Kadi, Professor of Textile Technology

Five new doctors participated in the conferment ceremony:

  • Gabriella Norberg Boysen, Caring Sciences
  • Marjan Kooroshnia, Design – Textile Design
  • Ramkumar B. Nair, Resource Recovery – Biotechnology
  • Regina Jijoho Patinvoh, Resource Recovery – Biotechnology
  • Vijay Kumar, Textile Management

Achievement awards were presented to two new docents:

  • Daniel Hjelmgren, Business Administration
  • Rudrajeet Pal, Textile Management

The Pedagogical Prize of 2017 was awarded the course teaching team behind:

  • Swedish as a Second Language with Focus on Didactics for Teachers Working in Grades 7 to 9, I

Text: Staffan Ljung
Translation: Suss Wilén
Photo: Suss Wilén