The University of Borås performs research and education in partnership with professions that are relevant to the university’s activities, both in the private and public sectors.

In addition, the activities at the university are performed in an open and international environment. This ensures that students and employees at the university gain knowledge of international conditions and that they have the ability to participate in the international arena. This is of critical importance for the university’s ambition to influence global development and to be an active partner in international research and education.

In particular

  • Students and employees at the university have an understanding of different cultures, as well as a desire to deepen their understanding of these cultures. This will enable students and employees to develop within their professions, as well as to contribute to fair and sustainable global development. Similarly, international activities at the university will disseminate knowledge of Sweden and Swedish culture on the international arena.
  • International experience and competence of students and staff will be strongly encouraged.
  • Research performed within the university’s strategic areas is at the national forefront and is internationally renowned. International research collaboration is extremely important.
  • Education at the university has a significant international perspective. Studies abroad will be encouraged and will include a large number of students.
  • The university offers internationally competitive programs that encourage Swedish students to perform part of their education abroad as well as encouraging international students to study at the University of Borås.

Internationally competitive research and education within profiled areas strengthens the University of Borås’ reputation on the global arena. This increases the university’s ability to attract the best students and staff which improves the quality of all activities at the university.