Vice-Chancellor's welcome

Welcome to the University of Borås, a modern and innovative institution of learning that conducts high-quality education and research

Björn Brorström, Vice Chancellor at University of Borås

Our educational programmes and research rest firmly on a scientific base; we work to ensure that all education is closely tied to current research. Our educational programmes and research are characterised by high societal relevance in the sense that research results must be practically applicable and educational programmes focussed towards professions and employment. It is essential that research results are useful and contribute to improvements in business and public sectors. Moreover, a criterion of excellence is that our graduates be employable in professions that are closely related to their education.

Our educational programmes and research are of high quality; this has been achieved through the development of models and methods, the provision of knowledge of how to apply them, and the continuous critical examination of various kinds of development and phenomena. Our work is characterised by openness to new ideas and original ways of interpreting changes and conditions. We want our students to be well-educated when they leave the university as well as well-versed, with an ability to see their own field and their own profession from a variety of perspectives. Abilities such as these provide a strong basis for life-long learning.

As Vice-Chancellor of the University of Borås, I feel it is important to preserve our ideals and work to provide conditions for students and staff to develop strong and creative educational and research environments. Our students can therefore develop the qualities needed to meet the great challenges we face in building long-term sustainable development in society.

Björn Brorström