Regarding the novel coronavirus: Due to the government's recommendations, the University of Borås has moved over to online instruction. This is valid until the end of the term on 7 June. Stay updated.

Strategies and Quality

Our vision is clear—the University of Borås will be the third full university in western Sweden. Something that not only benefits us as a seat of learning but is also important for our region's societal development and for growth and innovation throughout Sweden. We work to be a welcoming and approachable institution, where we can meet with the private sector and society at large to together stimulate and develop our efforts and thereby achieve results.

In our work, we have a continual focus on quality and quality development, and we conduct strategic and systematic sustainability work that is in line with the goal of being "the sustainable university." This work also includes strategic efforts towards fostering equal conditions and broadened recruitment. Internationalisation is an additional aspect that is to be a natural part of our work to fulfil our goals and visions.