The method used to develop and implement strategic internationalisation at the University of Borås

The way that the University of Borås conceptualises internationalisation is decribed in the University’s Policy for Internationalisation (pdf).

Internationalisation at the University of Borås is an integrated part of achieving the university’s goals and visions.

Internationalisation is therefore an integrated part of our work to

  • perform science for the professions
  • place students’ learning in focus
  • increase the amount of research at the university 
  • develop complete academic environments where education at all levels is closely linked to research done at the university

Each of the university’s three faculties develop their own visions, strategies and goals, where internationalisation is included. These are based on the university’s goals and visions.

The university’s three faculties and central administration also develop their individual annual plans of action. These plans of action describe their goals, including goals for internationalisation, for the coming one to three year period. The extent to which each faculty and administration has managed to achieve their goals for the previous year is described in their annual activity reports. The extent to which each faculty has managed to achieve their goals for internationalisation is discussed among the senior advisors for international affairs, and hence creates symbiosis between the faculties especially when setting goals for coming years.