Objectives and vision

The university's vision statement is as follows:

Together, we take responsibility for the future. Through continually developing distinctive education and research, we make a difference.

This vision means that for us, taking responsibility is a given – in education, in research, on campus, and in collaboration with the wider community. Each employee's daily accomplishments form a tapestry of unique threads that together make a difference. We are cutting-edge and leave a distinct impression on everything we do. We are bold and we work together across boundaries.

The Governing Board of the University of Borås adopted this new vision statement for the university in February of 2020. Based on this new vision for the university, a new education and research strategy is being developed during the course of 2020. 

Objectives – Research and education

The new vision and strategy will change the objectives of the university, but in the meantime these prior objectives are still in effect:

  • Focus on the learning of students. We will develop a learning environment based on current research. Education at all levels will be linked to research, and students will become actively involved in research at the earliest stage possible. Students will have ample opportunities to influence and assume responsibility for their own learning.
  • Increase the proportion of research. We express this in terms of 60:40, that is, that education should as a proportion comprise 60 per cent of our total activities and research 40 per cent. Research currently comprises as a proportion 20 per cent. At the same time, education, in absolute terms, should also increase over time.
  • Continue to build complete academic environments. We want to offer courses and study programmes within all areas from undergraduate all the way up to doctoral studies. Our objective is for there to be research programmes and well-developed engagement with other higher education institutions and organisations within all areas.