Areas of expertise

There is not a set area offered in English but certain topics are taught in English.

Below are the areas of expertise we can provide training within.

Do not know where to start?
Contact Carina theen
Tel: 033-435 44 05
E-mail: carina.theen@hb.se

Library and Information Science
Gullvor Elf
Tel: 033-435 42 94
E-mail: gullvor.elf@hb.se

Entrepreneurship, Commerce and IT
Bill Andersson
Tel: 033-435 42 05
E-mail: bill.andersson@hb.se

Lean in change management, logistics and resource recovery
Peter Kammensjö
Tel: 033-435 59 67
E-mail: peter.kammensjo@hb.se

Educational Development
Margaret Ljungkvist
Tel: 0702-39 98 10
E-mail: margareta.ljungqvist@hb.se

Gunilla Magnusson
Tel: 0732-305969
E-mail: gunilla.magnusson@hb.se

Textile Development and Design
Agneta Nordlund Andersson
Tel: 033-435 43 93
E-mail: agneta.nordlund-anderson@hb.se

Health Sciences
Eva-Lotta Andersson
Tel: 033-435 47 62
E-mail: eva-lotta.andersson@hb.se