Dean of Faculty

Ragne Emardson

Head of Department

Department of Resource Recovery and Building Technology: Peter Therning
Department of Engineering: Michael Tittus
Department of Business Administration and Textile Management: Tina Carlson Ingdahl
Department of Textile Technology: Magnus Bratt
Department of Design: Thorbjörn Magnusson
Department of Workshops Textile: Pia Mouwitz

Directors of Studies

Department of Resource Recovery and Building Technology

Chemistry: Dan Åkesson
Sustainable Building Technology: Kimmo Kurkinen
Energy/Master’s programmes: Peter Therning

Department of Engineering

Industrial Business/Mechanical Engineering: Mats Nilhag
Mathematics/Physics/Elektro/IT: Michael Tittus

Department of Business Administration and Textile Management

Business Administration/Accounting, Management and Law: Sara Hjelm Lidholm     
Business Administration/Marketing, Statistics and Economics: Daniel Hjelmgren
Textile Management:

Department of Textile Technology


Department of Design


Doctoral Education

Doctoral Education Resource Recovery

Director: Mohammad Taherzadeh
Director of studies: Tomas Wahnström

Doctoral Education Textiles and Fashion

Director: Lars Hallnäs
Director of studies: Eva Gustafsson

Deputy Head of Department and Controllers

Deputy Head of Department – HR: Bill Andersson
Deputy Head of Department – Internationalisation: Jenny Balkow
Faculty Controller: Tore Johansson
Faculty Controller: Ulrika Ekholm