Final Thesis Project - Engineering

The thesis work is the concluding part of the study programme. By doing this you will put your knowledge and skills into practice by doing a major project work. The thesis work is a very important opportunity to get contacts for future engineering work.

Final thesis project outside of Sweden

If you intend to carry out the final thesis project within the range of exchange studies at one UB  partner universities you must fill in a registration form to show interest for exchange studies and hand it in in due time to the international coordinator.

If the final thesis project is to be carried out outside of Sweden an agreement of acceptance between the School of Engineering and the party receiving you (company or organization) must be settled.

If you intend to carry out the final thesis project outside of the EU it is important that

  • you have a go-ahead from the examiner
  • an agreement of acceptance between the receiving party (the company or the organization where you will carry out the project) and the School of Engineering is settled before you leave Sweden
  • you get registered for the course final thesis work before you leave Sweden

If any of these parts will not have been completed you will not be covered by the insurance for students at the UB and will then have to pay for insurance and any expenses that may occur if you are involved in an accident or illness while outside of Sweden.

Contact the international coordinator for more information about carrying out the final thesis project outside of Sweden.

Links to companies with their own information about thesis work placements

Also keep an eye at Jobbhjälpen (information mainly in Swedish), the university Facebook and the wall boards at the School of Engineering