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The University of Borås does not have a campus with student accommodation and students are responsible for booking their own accommodation. However, the International Office will assist admitted students how to find a place to stay and cooperates with a local housing agency.

The earlier you start searching for accommodation, the more likely you are to get a suitable room or apartment. Please note that if you have not found a place to live before your arrival, you should be prepared to spend time in a hostel or other short-term accommodation before finding a permanent residence. If you do not have a place to stay at, we urge you to book a temporary accommodation before your arrival as it can be difficult to find a room on place.

Students are responsible for booking accommodation as well as following the rules of the letting agency/landlord and contacting the landlord for, for example, maintenance issues. Please note that the university does not guarantee accommodation, it is your own responsibility to find a place to stay at. If you have questions about how to find an accommodation in Borås you can always ask the International Office studenthousing@hb.se and they will assist you.