Finding a place to live

If you do not want or cannot get an accommodation with AB Bostäder (external link) the best way for international students to get started looking for a place to live in Borås is by following the advice below. 

Getting started

You can visit the website of the accommodation office in Borås, called Bostad Borås (external link). There you will find:

  • The ad space BoråsBo where you can search for available sublet apartments and shared lodgings posted by private persons as well as rental agencies. BoråsBo (external link). The website is in Swedish.
  • Contact information to rental agencies in Borås

For more information you can contact the accommodation office via e-mail or telephone. You can also visit them. They often have more tips about sublet rooms or apartments than they post on the website:

Bostad Borås

Email: bostadboras@boras.se
Telephone: +46 (0) 033-35 75 76
Office hours: 9:30-13:30
Visiting address: Borås Stad, Kungsgatan 55, 501 80 Borås

Search for a sublet apartment or shared lodging

Since it can be quite difficult to get a first hand lease on an apartment in Borås, a sublet apartment or a shared lodging is a very good alternative. Renting a room in a privately owned house or apartment often means low costs and a perfect opportunity to learn more about what life is like in Sweden. 

Online ad spaces

Available private rooms and sublet apartments are posted on:

Note! Many of the ads in these websites are only posted in Swedish, but you can use the glossary below or translate the text using Google Translate (external link)

NEVER deposit money to an account outside of Sweden to get a room/apartment. There are people trying to scam international students by posting fake ads and asking for a deposit in advance. If the ad seems suspicious, contact the website. 

We recommend you to start looking for a place to live, as soon as possible, before arriving in Sweden. You reply to an ad simply by contacting the person advertising by e-mail or phone to discuss the conditions of renting further, whereafter you sign a lease with your new landlord. It can often be better to call them than to e-mail them, since you will then receive an answer directly.

Search for a standard apartment/flat with a rental agency

There are a number of rental agencies in Borås. Unfortunately not all rental agencies have websites in English, which makes searching for apartments from your home country difficult. For this reason it is easier to start off by sending them an e-mail or calling them and preferably visiting them afterwards. It can often prove to be better to call them than to e-mail them, since you will then receive an answer directly. Keep in mind that some rental agencies might also post ads on available rooms on the ad space BoråsBo or studentlya.se.

If you want to look for a place to live through these following websites, we provide a glossary with some useful Swedish words regarding housing and renting. Remember that you can also use Google Translate (external link) to translate a website or parts of it.

Standard apartments/flats are not furnished, but if you get an apartment like this and plan to stay in Borås for a year or more it may be an option for you to buy some second hand furniture and appliances. In Borås there are several nice second hand shops where you can find what you need at a low cost. Second hand shops in Borås (pdf)

Some of the rental agencies have agreed on the possibility for foreign students to sign leasing contracts from their home countries, but most of them have not. This means that you can only sign a lease after your arrival to Sweden. As many international students do not qualify for a Swedish personal identity number, many rental agencies require a deposit as a security. Remember to check what policies apply with the rental agencies you talk to.

List of rental agencies in Borås

AB Bostäder

Offers furnished rooms and unfurnished studio apartments. 
Website: bostader.boras.se (external link)
Address: Allégatan 18

Balder Studenthem

Offers furnished rooms. Requires a 3 months deposit.
Website: studentbostadiboras.com (external link)
Address: Yxhammarsgatan 1-3 


Offers unfurnished rooms. You need to have a Swedish personal identity number in order to rent a room. See the section Living in Sweden for information about who can get a Swedish personal identity number, and how you get it.
Website: willhem.se (external link)
Address: Kyrkogårdsgatan 9

Useful tips and information


The local newspaper's ads can be a great way to find a room because most ads placed are for sublet accommodation. See the privatannonser of Borås Tidning (external link). Using the glossary below may help to navigate Swedish ads. Another useful tip is placing your own ad in the paper asking for a room to rent or share. Contact Borås Tidning (external link) to do so.

Families and couples

Finding accommodation can be difficult for families and couples since student rooms usually allow only one individual to live in the rooms. The alternatives are to search for a standard apartment/flat with a rental agency or a sublet apartment with a private landlord. It is important to be aware of these difficulties before coming to study in Borås if you have a family and want to live with your spouse.

Finding roommates

As mentioned above it can be difficult to find accommodation for more than one person. But if you still want to share housing, for example if you want to share a larger apartment with someone (to keep the costs down or for any other reason), and therefore need to find a roommate you can like University of Borås Facebook site (external link) or join the Facebook group for International Students at the University of Borås (external link).

Remember that if you are planning on sharing a studio apartment or a room with one or more friends it is always important for you to inform your landlord about this, since it is an uncommon living arrangement in Sweden.