Housing options

Below are descriptions of the different types of accommodation you can search for in Borås.

Student rooms and student apartments

Apartments and rooms owned by the large rental agencies specifically intended for students at the University of Borås. Some agencies offer furnished student rooms, others do not. In some halls of residence the kitchen and shower are shared with the other tenants, while in some cases you have your own bathroom. Student apartments are usually small studio apartments where you will have your own kitchenette, toilet and shower.

Sublet apartment

Rental apartments sublet to students at the University of Borås by private persons. These could be either furnished or not. Talk to the landlord in question to find out.

Shared lodging

A room or a part of an apartment or house that is let to a student by private persons. These rooms are usually furnished but talk to your landlord to make sure. Normally you share kitchen and bathroom with others living in the house/apartment. Many international students prefer this type of accommodation, as it enables them to really get to know the Swedish way of living from the inside, and more easily get in contact with Swedish people.

Standard apartments/flats

Apartments owned by the large rental agencies that are not specifically intended for students but that anyone can apply for. These are not furnished. Electricity and Internet is normally not included in the rent.

Temporary accommodation

For example a youth hostel. These are furnished but you will have to share bathrooms and other facilities with the other residents. Normally intended only for shorter stay.