Cental station in Borås

How to get to Borås

Borås is located 70 km directly east of Göteborg. If you are flying to Borås most of you will arrive at Landvetter International Airport which is located halfway between Borås and Göteborg.

Arriving at Landvetter airport


There are a few direct buses going between Landvetter and Borås each day operated by the bus companies Swebus (external link) and Nettbus (external link). You can either buy a ticket in advance on their websites, or buy a ticket at “Pressbyrån” (Swedish chain of convenience stores) in the arrival hall.

Another option is to take the airport bus (Flygbussarna) to Göteborg and from there take the bus to Borås. The bus departures up to every 15 minutes and you can easily buy your ticket on place through the self-service machines. You can either get off at the stop called Korsvägen or at the final destination, Nils Ericson Terminalen. When heading to Borås you take bus number 100 and the ride takes approximately 60 minutes from Nils Ericson Terminalen and 50 minutes from Korsvägen. You can buy bus tickets or a bus card at the convenience store "Pressbyrån" on both stops. If you have a credit card (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard) you can also buy a ticket on board the bus. The bus does not accept cash.


When the buses are not running, the only way to go from Landvetter airport to Borås is by taxi. You should then call for a taxi in advance (see phone numbers at the bottom of the page). There are always taxis standing outside the arrival hall, but note that these are most likely Gothenburg taxis and going with them to Borås is very expensive. If you find a taxi outside the arrival hall, ask in advance how much it would cost to go to Borås. Normally the ride costs about 600 SEK and takes approximately 30 minutes. 

Taxi Borås AB phone nr: +46 (0) 33 12 70 70.
TaxiKurir Borås phone nr: +46 (0) 33 12 13 14. 

Arriving at the central station in Göteborg

From the central station in Göteborg you can either take a bus (number 100) or train to get to Borås. The travel to Borås central station (Resecentrum) from Göteborg will take approximately one our and costs about 100 SEK. Make sure to buy your ticket before you get on the bus or the train, as this will make the trip much cheaper. If you chose to buy the ticket on board the bus, note that you can only pay with credit cards (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard) or Swedish debit cards.

Arriving at Arlanda Airport

As Landvetter Airport is located closer to Borås than Arlanda Airport, we recommend students to book a flight who takes them directly to Landvetter if possible.


You can travel from Arlanda Airport to Borås Central Station through bus with the bus company Swebus. Swebus (external link). 


The Arlanda Express has departures every 20 minutes from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm Central Station. You can easily buy a ticket at the information desk at the Airport or in the Arlanda Express self-service machines located next to the escalators/lifts leading down. There are escalators/lifts down to the train from all terminals.

From Stockholm Central Station you can take the train to Borås with SJ, the Swedish major train company. You can also take a train from SJ with departure from Arlanda Airport to Borås Central Station. SJ (external link).

Buying a bus ticket in Borås

You can buy a bus ticket at any “Pressbyrån” (Swedish chain of convenience stores), the Central Station (Resecentrum) or at “Tidpunkten” at the bus square (Södra Torget). You can buy a single ride, a monthly card of unlimited use or a top-up card (“kontantladdning”) which you can charge with money. With a top-up card, each trip within Borås  is drawn from your bus card when you hold it in front of the card reader on the bus. 

You can also buy a single ride or top up your card directly on the bus, but please note that you cannot pay with cash on the buses, only with credit cards (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard) and Swedish debit cards. If you have a Swedish mobile phone operator you can also buy a single ride ticket by text message.

You find the bus you need to take and the times the bus leaves by going to Västtrafiks website (external link) and entering the station you would like to leave from, the station you would like to go to, and the time you want to travel. This applies to the whole region of West Sweden.

Finding your student accommodation

From the central station (Resecentrum) in Borås, the easiest way to get to accommodations at e.g. Distansgatan with a lot of baggage is by Taxi. If you have arranged with your landlord to pick up the keys at Scandic Plaza Hotel you first need to go to the hotel which is located right next to the main university building, Allégatan 3, to pick up your keys. 

You can also get to your student room by taking a bus. Take bus number 5 toward "Ängsgården" or bus number 6 toward "Sörbo" to the bus stop called "Fjärdingskolan". The bus ride takes about 13 minutes and the bus will drop you off close to both Våglängdsgatan and Distansgatan. 

If you have arranged for accommodation at another address, you can find you way by using map functions online, for instance Eniro (external link) or Google Maps (external link). Simply type the street address followed by “Borås” in the empty box, to view a map that shows the location of your future address.

Finding your way to the university

There are three main university buildings located right next to each other in the middle of the city. They are located on Allégatan 1, and Järnvägsgatan 5 and Skaraborgsvägen 3. Bus 1 arrives right outside the main university building "Balder" at a stop called "Högskolan".