Master's students

Fee-paying students admitted to a Master's programme

The University of Borås has signed a group insurance FAS+, “the Swedish State’s Insurance for Fee-Paying Students with property cover”, for fee-paying students as well as students with a tuition fee waiver from the University of Borås.

In order to obtain a residence permit you need to show that you have a comprehensive health insurance that covers the whole period you are in Sweden. You can receive an insurance certificate from the University of Borås. Please contact the International Office at internationalstudent@hb.se.

The insurance includes medical care, emergency dental care (up to 3000 SEK/year), home transport cover, accident cover, property cover, liability cover as well as legal expenses cover. The insurance cover applies 24 hours a day in the Schengen region whereas property cover only applies in Sweden. Please read more about the regulations, limitations and how to be reimbursed, in the Terms and conditions (PDF). The International  Office will help you to fill out the claim form if treatment becomes necessary.

Students who want to arrange for their own insurance can evaluate in Sweden accepted alternatives that are listed below.

Master students admitted to a 2-year programme and Bachelor students

Master students admitted to a 2-year programme and Bachelor students are staying in Sweden more than 365 days and can register for a Swedish personal identity number that gives them the right to the same free health care as Swedish citizens. Important: Note that this right only exists after creating such a number. Since it can take a couple of weeks for the personal identity number to be issued, the student needs to be insured by a private health insurance until then.  

If you come to Sweden from a country outside the EU/EEA just to study, you are not entitled to subsidized dental care in Sweden. If you do not have insurance, you will have to pay the entire cost yourself if you need dental care, which can be very expensive.

For fee-paying students and waiver recipients the group insurance FAS+ covers emergency dental care for up to 3000 SEK/year. Costs exceeding this amount have to be covered by you. Alternatively you can arrange an additional private insurance.

Swedish social insurance does not cover property or losses from burglary, robbery, and other theft. Students should get a private insurance (for example a travel insurance from your home country) to cover this.

Swedish Institute scholarship holders

Swedish Institute scholarship holders are insured by the Swedish State Group Insurance against illness and accident during the scholarship period. Contact rita.wikander@si.se if you have questions or need to be reimbursed for medical costs.