Swedish personal identity number

The Swedish personal identity number is a registration number used to identify people living in Sweden. If you are planning to live in Sweden for 12 months or longer it is recommended that you apply for one as soon as possible as it facilitates life in Sweden and gives the holder access to Swedish health care.

A Personal Identity number (if you have one) is used in all contacts with authorities, when signing any tipe of contract and other occations where identifying yourself is important. The personal identity number gives you access to the Swedish health care system and social security (with some restrictions). You can anly apply for a Swedish indentity number if you plan to stay in Sweden more then 12 months.

You apply for the personal identity number by registering as living in Sweden with the Swedish Tax Agency (skatteverket). For more information requirements and necessary documents, please consult the tax office website: Skatteverket.se (external link).

You can read more about the Swedish social insurance at Forsakringskassan.se (externa link).