Working in Sweden

International students are allowed to work while studying in Sweden. Students who have residence permits are allowed to work during the duration of their residence permit. 

Please note that full-time studies require 40 hours of work a week and are difficult to combine with part-time work. Opportunities for part-time work in Sweden are limited and most jobs require knowledge of Swedish, so students should not plan on finding a job to support themselves financially. For more information about vacancies and how to find a job, consult the website of the Swedish Public Employment Service, Arbetsförmedlingen.se (external link).

To work you need a swedish personal identity number or, if you are not eligible for one, a coordination number, known as a samordningsnummer in Swedish. You can apply for both numbers at the Swedish Tax office “Skatteverket, located at Torggatan 23. For more information about requirements consult Swedish Tax Agency (external link)

Working in Sweden after graduation

International students from outside the EU can apply for a work permit in Sweden after graduation, provided that they have an offer of a job that pays enough to support themselves and fulfils a few other requirements. 

Students can also apply for an extension of their current residence permit to look for a job or to examine the possibilities of starting their own business for six months after the completion of their study programme. More information on the application requirements for a work permit or an extension of a current permit are available at the Swedish Migration Board (external link).

Career services at the university

The career counsellor at the university is not an employment agency and cannot provide students with jobs, but can guide you, help you with your CV and how to search for jobs in Sweden. The career counsellor also offers, together with the international coordinator for incoming students, career workshops and lectures for international students.

For more information see Career Services

Susanne Håkansson, Career counsellor
E-mail: karriarservice@hb.se
Phone: 033-435 4389