University Identity Number and User ID

When you are admitted to exchange studies or a degree programme, you will receive a University Identity Number (UIN).

The UIN consists of your birth date, followed by a letter and then three random numbers, for example 880527-T281. In most cases, the letter is a T, therefore the number sometimes is called a “T-number”. Exchange students receive this number when registering at the university. You use this number to identify yourself at the university, for example when you register for exams or request a transcript of records. Do not confuse this number with a Swedish Personal Identity Number. To receive a Swedish Personal Identity Number, you exchange the UIN by bringing a "personbevis" from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) or a copy of a Swedish ID card to the Student Centre, which then will inform LADOK.

When you register, you will also receive a user ID (sometimes called a student ID), which starts with an S followed by the year you started your studies and four random numbers, for example S118692. You use the user ID to log in to all web services at the University.

How to apply for a Swedish Personal Identity Number