Miljömärkt Event-logga med skog i bakgrunden

An eco-labelled event

According to the Higher Education Act, Swedish universities and higher education institutions have an obligation to promote sustainable development. At the University of Borås, we take this task seriously. It is evident in our education, in our research and in the way we work. STARK is not an exception. Therefore, since 2016 it was a natural choice to eco-label our career fair.

What does the eco-label mean?

The environmental award Eco-labelled Event is awarded by The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation. The award requires that the event is conducted in a sustainable way and that the university meets certain requirements in seven different areas: Planning and communication, purchasing, waste and littering, transports, food and drink, energy and climate, and identifying the largest environmental impact factors of the event.

What can I do as a student?

As a student, you can contribute to keeping STARK a sustainable event in several ways. For example, you can take public transports or walk to the fair, and you can sort your waste when you are at the fair. Below, you find a more detailed description of what you can do to contribute to a more sustainable event.

Transports to and from the fair

How to you choose to get to the university, every day as well as to STARK, can have a big impact on the environment. If you walk, cycle, or take the bus or a train instead of a car, you can minimise your impact on the environment.

Giveaways and other material

There will be exhibitors with giveaways and other material at the fair. Before you accept them, feel free to think twice if you will have any use of the items in the future. If there are flyers or brochures that you want, you can ask the exhibitors if the information is available online.

We have chosen not to have any catalogues for STARK. Instead, you find all the information you need at hb.se/careerfair.

Sort more waste

Have you seen the white recycling stations in Balder and Sandgärdet? You can use them to sort your waste, from newspapers to glass containers. Each recycling station has the following fractions:

  •  Bottle deposit and aluminium cans
  •  Newspapers and paper
  •  Paper-based packaging
  •  Landfill (such as tableware and drinking glasses)
  •  Batteries
  •  Metal packaging
  •  Plastic packaging
  •  Clear and coloured glass bottles
  •  Compost
  •  Combustible waste

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