Master Programme (Two Year) in Textile Engineering

120 credits, full-time 100%

Dear Admittee,

It makes us very happy that you decided to apply for our MSc Programme in Textile Engineering and that you have chosen to accept our admission.

Now let's take your textile engineering skills to the next level - most welcome!

The semester starts Monday 28 August and there will be introductory activities the week before that. We strongly recommend that you participate in those to get to know the city, the university, your fellow master students both from textile engineering and other programs.

During the first half of the fall semester, Polymer Technology and Fibre Technology run in parallel. They will have some shared activities. As part of the fibre technology course you will melt spin multifilament that are characterized in the polymer technology course. Our lectures/seminars in the Polymer Technology course are based on "Polymers: Chemistry and physics of modern materials", 3rd edition, by Cowie & Arrighi, CRC Press, ISBN 13: 978-0-8493-9813-1. It can take some time to acquire it so please do it in advance and if you feel that your skills on the matter needs freshening up please spend some time with the book during summer. I can also recommend that you bring your polymer technology and chemistry texts books from previous courses to use as reference and side reading.
I wish you a pleasant summer.

Best regards, Anders Persson, PhD Program Director

Dates to remember

Tuesday 29/8

08:30 Welcome speech, Vestindien B+C
09:00 Information, T421
10:00-10:15 We will gather at the Textile Museum to prepare for a group photography.
14:00 Information, Director of studies, Vestindien A

Wednesday 30/8

10:00 We will gather in Vestindien for a workshop that will last all through the day and into the evening

Thursday 1/9 and after see schedules

Please note that the schedule (KronoX) is continuously updated until the start of term, and will be revised even during the term. Make it a habit to always check the schedule in KronoX, since some changes will occur with short notice.

Programme information

Start semester: Autumn 2017
Programme code: TAMSC
Programme occasion code: TAMSC17h1
Study pace: full-time 100%
Study time: Day
City: Borås


The programme is held at the Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business.
For specific questions regarding the programme, contact the faculty:
E-mail: a1@hb.se.
Phone: +46 (0)33 435 4011 - answering hours: Mondays - Fridays kl 10:00-12:00.

Programme co-ordinator Anders Persson

Study Counselling
For other questions, contact Student Reception


Syllabus (pdf)

Schedules of the study programme

Please note that course syllabuses may be revised until course registration. Always contact the course coordinator, or check in Ping Pong, before acquiring literature.

Autumn 2017

Composite Technology
Application code T46H7
Period 6 Nov - 14 Jan
Fibre technology
Application code T51H7
Type Mandatory
Period 11 Sep - 5 Nov
Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) with focus on research utilization
Application code T50H7
Type Optional
Period 20 Nov - 17 Dec
Polymer Technology
Application code T42H7
Type Mandatory
Period 28 Aug - 5 Nov
Textile Chemistry I - Organic and Physical Chemistry
Application code T43H7
Type Mandatory
Period 6 Nov - 14 Jan

Spring 2018

Textile Chemistry II, Interfaces and Chemical Treatment
Application code T51V8
Type Mandatory
Period 15 Jan - 3 Jun
Textile Electronics
Application code T60V8
Type Mandatory
Period 26 Mar - 3 Jun
Textile product development
Application code T41V8
Type Mandatory
Period 15 Jan - 25 Mar

Autumn 2018

Advanced Finishing and Printing
Application code T43H8
Type Mandatory
Period 3 Sep - 11 Nov
Smart textiles
Application code T44H8
Type Mandatory
Period 3 Sep - 11 Nov