Textile Design

180 credits, full-time 100%

Welcome to the Textile Design Program at the
Swedish School of Textiles!

The term starts with an introduction week arranged by the Student Union of Borås. More information about the event can be found at the Union’s website (extern site).

Tuesday August 29

08:45    Welcome speech in assembly room Vestindien B+C.
09:00    All new textile design students gather in room T412 for general information, and information about the Textile Design Program. I will introduce you to the Textile Design Program, the courses given during the autumn term 2017, etcetera. The entirety of week 35 is scheduled for student activities, a workshop at the Textile and Fashion Center; and information about important issues that you need to be familiar with when studying at University of Borås.
12:00    We will gather at the Textile Museum to prepare for a group photography.   
13:00    Information given by the director of study,
in SWEDISH, Vestindien B+C
14:00    Information given by the director of study,
in ENGLISH, Vestindien A

Wednesday 30 August

10:00    We will gather in Vestindien for a workshop that will last all through the day and into the evening.

Thursday September 1 and continuing

Regular schedule – please see KronoX    

Please note that the schedule (KronoX) is continuously updated until the start of term, and will be revised even during the term. Make it a habit to always check the schedule in KronoX, since some changes will occur with short notice. You will receive more information about this at the introduction. Schedule for Textile Design (extern site)


Margareta Zetterblom, programme co-ordinator

Programme information

Start semester: Autumn 2017
Programme code: DTDES
Programme occasion code: DTDES17h
Study pace: full-time 100%
Study time: Day
City: Borås


The programme is held at the Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business.
For specific questions regarding the programme, contact the faculty:
E-mail: a1@hb.se.
Phone: +46 (0)33 435 4011 - answering hours: Mondays - Fridays kl 10:00-12:00.

Programme co-ordinator Margareta Zetterblom

Study Counselling
For other questions, contact Student Reception


Syllabus (pdf)

Schedules of the study programme

Please note that course syllabuses may be revised until course registration. Always contact the course coordinator, or check in Ping Pong, before acquiring literature.

Autumn 2017

Design project 1: pattern, surface and 3D form
Application code D32H7
Type Mandatory
Period 8 Jan - 14 Jan
Form and material 1: expression and structure
Application code D09H7
Type Mandatory
Period 28 Aug - 5 Nov
Technique and expression 1: dyeing, printing and finishing
Application code D31H7
Type Mandatory
Period 6 Nov - 7 Jan

Spring 2018

Design aesthetics 1: History and contemporary movements
Application code D13V8
Type Mandatory
Period 30 Apr - 3 Jun
Design Methods 1: design development
Application code D11V8
Type Mandatory
Period 26 Feb - 1 Apr
Design project 1: pattern, surface and 3D form
Application code D32H7
Type Mandatory
Period 15 Jan - 25 Feb
Form and material 2: material and expression
Application code D12V8
Type Mandatory
Period 2 Apr - 29 Apr

Autumn 2018

Design Aesthetics 2: principles and perspectives
Application code D32H8
Type Mandatory
Period 12 Nov - 16 Dec
Design Methodology 2: contemporary art and textile
Application code D33H8
Type Mandatory
Period 17 Dec - 20 Jan
Design project 2: elasticity and structure
Application code D31H8
Type Mandatory
Period 8 Oct - 11 Nov
Technique and expression 2: knitting
Application code D30H8
Type Mandatory
Period 3 Sep - 7 Oct